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Submitted by: (via melabois) Tagged: cute, koala, cuddles, Video
Koala Cuddles are Worth the Pain!
Submitted by: (via Google) Tagged: dogs, tigers, friends, unlikely, cute
Will You be my Guard Dog?
Submitted by: (via Google) Tagged: bad hair day, grumpy, funny, owls
Bad Feather Day
Submitted by: (via Google) Tagged: Cats, cute, eyes covered, games
Submitted by: (via Google) Tagged: geek, kids, Game of Thrones, parenting, khaleesi, g rated
Who Needs Disney?
Submitted by: (via malrog) Tagged: school, goal, kids, parenting, hat
Anything But a Fedora
Well, maybe it doesn’t matter. Submitted by: (via Google) Tagged: kids, statue, headless, parenting
Say Cheese, Kids!
Submitted by: (via Google) Tagged: baby, parenting, birth, Video
Your Kids Don’t Want to See That Video
Submitted by: (via Bogzz12) Tagged: monday thru friday, tips, kids, work, parenting, chuck e cheese's
A Kid Left This Tip For a Server
Submitted by: (via Google) Tagged: kids, hair, parenting
Try Something New With Your Child’s Hair
Remember the dad who gave his baby’s corrective helmet an R2-D2 paint job? Artist Paula Strawn turns these helmets into artistic masterpieces. Check out some of her designs below and see more at Lazardo Art. (h/t HuffPo.) Submitted by: Tagged: baby, art, parenting, win
Transform That Corrective Tool Into Wearable Art
Submitted by: (via American Military Facebook Page) Tagged: kids, homework, math, school, parenting, veterans, g rated, School of FAIL
This Kid Answered Correctly in All Possible Ways
LoL by: selfie123 Tagged: dogs, movies, jurassic park, dinosaurs
Jurassic Bark
“Aki the Husky attempts to retrieve his ball stuck on top of his kennel. He’s not really thinking outside of the box….” Submitted by: (via Aki the Husky)
Husky Fetching the Ball… the Hard Way
LoL by: jennybookseller Tagged: dogs, fetch, spring, sticks
It Smells Just Like Fetch!
LoL by: violetD Tagged: cute, dogs, fetch, picky
I Hope You’re Taking Notes
Submitted by: (via Google) Tagged: cute, habits, growing up, puppies
Growing Up is Hard to Do
Submitted by: (via Google) Tagged: dogs, funny, life, tired
I’m Dog Tired
Submitted by: (via Emil Giedyk) Tagged: dogs, mess, Video, guilty
Gee, I Wonder Who’s Guilty…
LoL by: violetD Tagged: puppies, leaving, cute, tough
Yur Goin’ Out Alone?!
This is How BMX Junkies Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day( 3Photos )
Just One of Many Rooms in Quebec’s Ice Hotel( 2Photos )
Look Closely and You’ll See This Parrot is Actually Something Entirely Different( 2Photos )
The Blinds That React to the Sun( 2Photos )
There’s a New Rubik’s Master on the Block, and It’s Made of Bricks( 2Photos )
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