Just take the picture.( 1Photos )
Grandson of the Year Nominee( 1Photos )
This is just madness!( 1Photos )
Kids are getting fatter these days( 1Photos )
DANCE OFF!!!!( 1Photos )
US college forced to remove pendulum statue from college( 1Photos )
Witnessed these parents buying GTA for their young son. I couldn’t believe it… They still bought the game( 1Photos )
For all you young pups who started college this semester( 1Photos )
Best $25 I have ever spent. Thanks China!( 1Photos )
The line of cars behind you should give you a hint( 1Photos )
Nothing to see here, move along bro( 1Photos )
met this guy on lunch break, he let me take his picture…( 1Photos )
My Grandma passed away recently, I thought I’d share this favorite photo of mine. this was a gift to my parents Christmas 2008.( 1Photos )
…and that’s how the fight started( 1Photos )
Universal customer-service paging system:( 1Photos )
Sex, after 10 years of marriage.( 1Photos )
Phteven? Is that you Phteven??( 1Photos )
It just defeats the purpose.( 1Photos )
One of my favorite Simpson’s moments.( 1Photos )
Every comment I post on uberhumor( 1Photos )
It’s cool bro, I got this( 1Photos )
Comic Halloween makeup idea( 1Photos )
A free vasectomy should be offered to anyone who gets a tattoo like this.( 1Photos )
I can’t wait for the sequel, where he tries this again in his new wheelchair( 1Photos )
Van gogh( 1Photos )
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