We have all had a lovely time this week squeeing with the cockatiels; it’s sad that it’s over so soon. ‘Til next time, stay squee! -Sally Squeeps Squee! Spotter: Unknown (via Lorti ) Tagged: birds, cockatiels, squee spree, squee
Squee Spree: Farewell Cockatiels!
What makes sea lion kisses extra squee? Getting tickled by their whiskers of course! -Sally Squeeps Squee! Spotter: Unknown (via Paul A. Selvaggio) Tagged: sea lions, kisses, squee spree, squee, whiskers
Squee Spree: Whiskery Kisses
Baby penguins who haven’t started growing their adult feathers yet are just the squeest! I mean, look at that baby floof! -Sally Squeeps Squee! Spotter: Unknown (via Perth Zoo) Tagged: floof, baby, squee spree, penguin, squee
Squee Spree: Baby Floof
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