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How I feel after watching Breaking Bad last night( 1Photos )
Lego pirates( 1Photos )
Flint, Michigan’s newest art installation( 1Photos )
Was at work today and someone asked if they could get a different $5 when I gave them their change.( 1Photos )
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: Babies, penguins, cute, sand, foot prints
What Kind of Penguin Left These..?
Squee! Spotter: sixonefive72 Tagged: beautiful, deer, snow, winter
A Sika Deer in Winter
Submitted by: Unknown (via Hey Funniest Post!) Tagged: parenting, Grumpy Cat, grandpas
Grandpa Knows His Memes
Submitted by: Unknown (via Daily Picks and Flicks) Tagged: Babies, parenting, twins, almond joy, mounds
Some Times You Feel Like a Nut
Krimson Tyde Steele can attribute his unusual moniker to his parents’ love for the University of Alabama. Submitted by: Unknown (via AL.com) Tagged: Babies, Crimson Tide, parenting, names, alabma
Meet Newborn Krimson Tyde!
Submitted by: Unknown (via Pleated Jeans) Tagged: dogs, family photos, kids, parenting
You’ll Find Someone Some Day, Son…
Submitted by: anselmbe Tagged: cute, dogs, cold, hotdog, snow
He’s Still a Hotdog Under all that Cold
LoL by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, leash, puppies, refuse, walk
This is so Condescending…
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, cute, compilation, sorry, Video
These Dogs All Have a New Year’s Resolution: Be Good
LoL by: Unknown Tagged: babysitter, cute, dogs, funny, puppies
Adventures in Puppy Sitting
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, color blind, funny, slushey
Who Would Want a Grey Slushey Anyways?
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, FAIL, haircut, skinny, trim
It Started with One Uneven Spot…
Nerds Get in on the “Shoveling Snow” Business( 2Photos )
This 6-Year-Old Girl Total Smokes a Danceoff( 2Photos )
United States Logic vs The Rest of the World Logic [Fixed]( 1Photos )
I turn around for 10 seconds and this happened… Thanks to my cat.( 1Photos )
Black people have confirmed this.( 1Photos )
Spongy bicep( 1Photos )
This, right here is just hilarious( 1Photos )
I just want you to love me hooman( 1Photos )
Daily Morning Epicness (35 Pictures)( 1Photos )
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