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It’s cool bro, I got this( 1Photos )
Comic Halloween makeup idea( 1Photos )
A free vasectomy should be offered to anyone who gets a tattoo like this.( 1Photos )
I can’t wait for the sequel, where he tries this again in his new wheelchair( 1Photos )
Squee! Spotter: beernbiccies Tagged: leopard, safe, cute, felines
You’re Safe – I Got Your Tail
It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day and what better way to show how much we love this adorably furry rodent than to show you why you should love them too? Here are a few excellent reasons to appreciate this burrowing little buddy! Submitted by: Kyler_Cheez Tagged: list, squirrel appreciation day, cute, squirrels, squee
Super Reasons to Appreciate Squirrels!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: cute, puppies, obedience, husky puppy
Husky Puppy Speaks on Command? Yes Please!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: porcupines, super bowl, videos, cute, football
Teddy Bear the Porcupine Predicts the Winners of the Superbowl!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: star wars, rocking horses, kids, parenting, tauntauns, g rated
Way Cooler Than Rocking Horses
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: Babies, dancing, parenting, yo gabba gabba, g rated
Everybody Dance!
I assume when my 5 year old sees a kid in his class with the same gloves as him he says, “I'll trade you my right one for your left one”. - Brian Hope (@Brianhopecomedy) January 15, 2014 Submitted by: Unknown (via @Brianhopecomedy) Tagged: gloves, kids, parenting
How Else Does He End Up With Two Left Ones?
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: Babies, dogs, scrubs, parenting
That’s One Way to Look at It
Submitted by: Lab Luver Tagged: dogs, FAIL, files, Office, funny
Dogs Are Not the Best Office Managers…
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, camo, disguise, funny, wrinkles, towels
Who Irons Their Towels Anyways?
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, innocent, squirrels, funny
He Also Bashed the Door in…
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: shock, dogs, kids, cute, leaves, fall
I Thought You Said the Leaves Were Lava in This Game!?
Breaking News: Pope’s Catholicism Called into Question( 2Photos )
Who Says They Can’t Fly?( 2Photos )
This 6-Year-Old Breakdance Phenom is Just the Best( 2Photos )
Russians Are Luck to See This Huge “Sundog” Phenomenon in the Wild( 2Photos )
Van gogh( 1Photos )
A god among men( 1Photos )
Forgot how to dog( 1Photos )
We’ve only been going out for a week, and she said this…( 1Photos )
Pregnant wife problems…( 1Photos )
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