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When they said “half-bath”, I wasn’t expecting THIS”.( 1Photos )
A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook – she worked as the prop master for American History X [x-post r/pics]( 1Photos )
Childhood ruined.( 1Photos )
Edna had a couple of absolute gems during the Simpsons golden years( 1Photos )
I am too confused to fap to this( 1Photos )
Best dating profile ever( 1Photos )
Aaron Paul: confused by fashion( 1Photos )
Now he’s going to get crabs on his face!( 1Photos )
Inspirational Quotes: Quote of the day( 1Photos )
I had no idea bananas could be so ruthless.( 1Photos )
Being human( 1Photos )
Noooooo!!!( 1Photos )
I don’t know how I feel about this.( 1Photos )
My friend has a freestanding cube made entirely of toothpicks with nothing other than friction holding it together( 1Photos )
I’m a currently a culinary student, and last night I asked a lady friend to help me with dinner. All I asked her to do was peel half the potatoes in the bag.( 1Photos )
Just act like nothing happened( 1Photos )
Sweet couple( 1Photos )
Where would Jesus sit( 1Photos )
Squee! Spotter: Thunder_Cloud Tagged: pups, dogs, cute
A Row of Cute
Squee! Spotter: Thunder_Cloud Tagged: tigers, bears, friends, squee
Bearst Friends!
Squee! Spotter: sixonefive72 Tagged: polar bears, cute, bear cubs, walk, ice
Going on an Icy Walk
Squee! Spotter: sixonefive72 Tagged: Babies, mongoose, cute, grass
This is One Cute Baby Mongoose!
Submitted by: Unknown (via ven0moth) Tagged: kids, Spongebob, parenting, funny, grandparents, gif
How to Bond With Your Grandkids
Submitted by: Unknown (via Niknaks Blog) Tagged: tooth fairy, kids, parenting, funny, g rated
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
User kfillinger21 wonders if anyone will have the guts to tell her. Submitted by: kfillinger21 Tagged: grammar, moms, parenting, their, g rated
Hate to Break it to You, Mom…
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