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Pregnant wife problems…( 1Photos )
Video: So my friend set up a hidden camera to see how his dog kept escaping the kitchen…( 1Photos )
Master of the wave solo( 1Photos )
So, apparently I went shopping on Amazon while on Ambien the other night( 1Photos )
I hope they frame it. And hang it up. And still don’t notice. I hope they have kids and the kids have to notice for them.( 1Photos )
Bricks have been shat( 1Photos )
Goodbye Miley!( 1Photos )
My experience with purchasing bananas( 1Photos )
Squished a huge spider, this monstrosity slithered out of it….( 1Photos )
Player 2 has entered the game.( 1Photos )
Hair braids.( 1Photos )
Inspirational Quotes: Quote of the day( 1Photos )
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: Babies, cute, elephants, bottles
They Say When They Can Hold Their Own Bottle, It-s-Time-for-Solids
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: ocelots, kittens, puns, cute, Cats
Quite an Ocelot of Cuteness!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: Babies, learning, bats, fingers, cute, hands
These Babies are Still Working on Their Hanging Skills
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: Babies, cute, family, giraffes
Family’s Always There to Help Us Stand Tall
Submitted by: kerdenny Tagged: Babies, dogs, parenting
Sorry, You’re No Longer the Cutest Thing Here…
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: toys, stuck, parenting
It Looks Like Fun When the Kids Use It!
Submitted by: Unknown (via Izismile) Tagged: Cookie Monster, kids, parenting, food
Remember, Cookies Are a Sometimes Food
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: Babies, dogs, puppies, parenting
Sometimes It’s Just Easier to Carry Them On Your Back
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, destroy, cushions, funny
This sweet dog, Tony, stayed by his human’s side at all times. Even after his owner passed away, Tony continued to attend Sunday Mass; something he did with his owner every week. This is another amazing example of how dogs have a level of loyalty that can be a true inspiration to us all. Submitted by: Unknown (via CNN)
A True Testament to the Loyalty of Dogs
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, tony stark, iron man, funny
You Should See His Iron Dog Suit…
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, neighborhood, friends, cute
It’s Nice to Feel Welcome!
ESPN’s Best of 2013 in Sports( 2Photos )
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