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You’ll Never Get Tired of Hearing What This Rescued Baby Fox Has to Say
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Not For Twins
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Birthday Cake Hangover: Baby Edition
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If it’s not, then I’m very, very sorry. Submitted by: (via newsman14) Tagged: baby, announcement, taylor swift, parody, parenting, Video, pregnant
The Most Cringeworthy Pregnancy Announcement You Will See This Year
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Happy 60th Birthday!
null Submitted by: (via Acid Cow) Tagged: baby, toilet paper, parenting, bathroom, toilet
Look What I Did!
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Drop and Give Me One!
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This Baby Knows How to Work the Camera
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New Best Friends
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Sometimes Mom and Dad Are the Ones Who Need the Nap
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Your Kids Don’t Want to See That Video
Remember the dad who gave his baby’s corrective helmet an R2-D2 paint job? Artist Paula Strawn turns these helmets into artistic masterpieces. Check out some of her designs below and see more at Lazardo Art. (h/t HuffPo.) Submitted by: Tagged: baby, art, parenting, win
Transform That Corrective Tool Into Wearable Art
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: baby, parenting, twins, g rated
Sounds About Right
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: stealth, baby, box, parenting, g rated
Stealthy Baby
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: baby, parenting, crying
I’m Holding Her..Now What?
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: baby, parenting
Now Mom Sees This Expression TWICE Every Morning
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: baby, beard, christmas, santa
Expect Diaper Coal In His Stocking Every Morning
This palm sized snapping turtle was niether ninja, teenage, or mutant. Just squee! Squee! Spotter: Emily Tagged: baby, mini, cute, snapping, turtle
Watch Your Fingers Around This Mini Snapper!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: baby, rhino, videos, charging, funny
Charging Baby Rhino
“Mom! Get up! It’s time to play!” -Sally Squeeps Squee! Spotter: Unknown (via KidsKidsKids) Tagged: baby, wake, snow, polar bears, mommy, cubs, squee
Wake Up!
The New Baby( 1Photos )
Baby penguins who haven’t started growing their adult feathers yet are just the squeest! I mean, look at that baby floof! -Sally Squeeps Squee! Spotter: Unknown (via Perth Zoo) Tagged: floof, baby, squee spree, penguin, squee
Squee Spree: Baby Floof
Sloths are, well, very slothful. But this widdle guy takes the prize for sleepiest looking sloth. Go take a nap! -Sally Squeeps Squee! Spotter: sixonefive72 Tagged: yawn, baby, lazy, tired, sloths, blanket, squee
A Very Tired Sloth
meh mad? no jus upsaid down! LoL by: StarryNightDave Tagged: dogs, baby, puppy, bulldogs, mommy, not even mad
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