LoL by: jennybookseller Tagged: dogs, cheeseburgers, christmas, funny
Now I Don’t Have to Eat Your Shoes
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: brave, cute, dogs, puppies, vet
You’re a Big, Brave Dog!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: bottles, dogs, silly, protect
It Also Doubles as a Life Vest
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, puppies, cute, stack
One Size Fits All
LoL by: jennybookseller Tagged: dogs, christmas, funny, treats
Oh, Who’m I Kiddin? I Prolly Will
EDITOR’S NOTE: Those wearing headphones should beware of screams of excitement in reaction to the cuteness! Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: assist, Cats, dogs, Video, treats
Cat and Dog Join Forces for a Delicious Assist
LoL by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, funny, walk, pet, weird
Or Maybe We Are…
LoL by: seattley3k Tagged: chips, dogs, cans, pringles
It was a Glorious Triumph
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, funny, overreact, shred
I Was in the Other Room…
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: call, dogs, confused, surprised
What the..! Where’d That Come From?!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: cute, dogs, happy, smile
So Happy You’re Home
See other great videos and more at The Pet Collective. Submitted by: Unknown (via The Pet Collective) Tagged: dogs, finding nemo, movies, the pet collective
A Puppy Finds Nemo
Submitted by: HeidiTheCorgi(via Tagged: dogs, gifs, measuring tape
Heidi the Corgi VS Tape Measure
LoL by: Elizabethrose Tagged: Cats, dogs, mud, stuck
Don’t Let The Ally Cat See me Like This!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: Babies, big, dogs, good dog, control
Who’s Controlling Who?
LoL by: chianty Tagged: dogs, tired, snooze, funny
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, cute, mud, dirty
One of Us Got a Bum Deal…
LoL by: chianty Tagged: couch, dogs, old, sofa
Am I not off the Sofa? I Thought I was off the Sofa…
LoL by: chianty Tagged: dogs, inspirational, ears, puppies
That Feeling of Your Ears Flopping in the Wind
Submitted by: Unknown (via Carli Davidson and Variable) Tagged: Video, dogs, slow motion, shake
Shake off Your Cares and Just Smile!
Submitted by: Unknown (via Vasili Gavre) Tagged: dogs, halloween, michael jackson, parody, Video
I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Walking Me
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: Super Man, costume, dogs, halloween, cute
The Evolution of Super Dog
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, halloween, movies, regret
Psycho: Dog Edition
LoL by: chianty Tagged: twerk, dogs, poodles, miley cyrus
Poodle Twerk
LoL by: asmaazoumhane13 Tagged: dogs, coffee, spoiled, latte
I Wants What I Wants
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