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Naps For Everyone!
Submitted by: (via zkkk) Tagged: dogs, desert, sand, funny, wind, sheep dogs
Well, I’m Dry…Now What do I do About All This Sand?
LoL by: Khyloa Tagged: dogs, funny, puns, star wars
May the Barks be With You
Submitted by: (via ufie) Tagged: cute, balance, dogs, chick, chicken
I Gots a Chick on Mai Head
Submitted by: (via BTYM) Tagged: cute, burrito, dogs, gifs, tricks
Am I a Burrito Now?
LoL by: Traci Tagged: dogs, sheepdog, they said i could be anything, mops
Best Show Mop Ever
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: boston terrier, dogs, funny, tickle
Your Fingers are Electrifying!
Submitted by: (via Eldad Hagar) Tagged: dogs, pitbull, cheeseburger, Video, rescue
There’s Nothing Like a Cheeseburger to Soothe a Pitbull in Need of Rescuing
Submitted by: (via Brown Cardigan) Tagged: drinking, dogs, water, cute, help
For Keeping Bowl Water Bowl Fresh
Submitted by: (via Wakaleo) Tagged: cute, dogs, disability, kittens, Video
A Loving Pup Takes Care of a Disabled Kitten in Need of a Friend
Submitted by: ani.s4(via Tagged: cute, bulldogs, dogs, gifs, puppies, mom
Bulldog Mom & Her Pudgie Puppy
Submitted by: (via shelleyinches) Tagged: cute, dogs, kids, pig, parenting
Your Friend’s Children Are Less Amusing Than Your Own
Submitted by: (via Daily Picks and Flicks) Tagged: dogs, kids, pig, parenting
Some People Get Along With Everyone’s Kids
Submitted by: (via Mark Watts-Jones) Tagged: fetch, dogs, Video, animals
Solo Fetch
Submitted by: (via giantgag-official) Tagged: dogs, small, chihuahua, funny
Size Doesn’t Matter
LoL by: gatorbait42 Tagged: dogs, chew toy, funny, sushi
I’ll Still Eat it
Submitted by: (via pettoll) Tagged: dogs, barking, funny
Better Safe Than Sorry
Submitted by: (via letssmile) Tagged: dogs
I Know How I Got in This Position but I Don’t Know How to Get Out!
Submitted by: (via lamofa) Tagged: loyalty, dogs, bathroom, pooping, funny
You Squat, I Squat
LoL by: cataff Tagged: chihuahua, dogs, training
We Want a Refund!
LoL by: echeg5 Tagged: dogs, confused, funny, trees
Alright…You Asked for It!
Submitted by: (via alltheadorables) Tagged: cute, dogs, Fluffy, puppies
I Needz Moar Fuzz!
Submitted by: (via Dump a Day) Tagged: dogs, puppies, mama, cute, printer
Her Energy is Fading
Submitted by: (via Cube Breaker) Tagged: dogs, gifs, blankets, sleeping, funny
Expert Sleeper
LoL by: CatoPotato(via null) Tagged: dogs, tiny, cute, pugs
You’re So Cute, I Could Just Eat You Up!
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