LoL by: jennybookseller Tagged: dogs, cheeseburgers, christmas, funny
Now I Don’t Have to Eat Your Shoes
LoL by: jennybookseller Tagged: dogs, christmas, funny, treats
Oh, Who’m I Kiddin? I Prolly Will
LoL by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, funny, walk, pet, weird
Or Maybe We Are…
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, funny, overreact, shred
I Was in the Other Room…
LoL by: chianty Tagged: dogs, tired, snooze, funny
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: hair, cruel, dogs, liberace, funny
If Liberace Was A Dog
LoL by: DeeMcNeil Tagged: confusion, dogs, names, funny
Does Your Dog Have a Similar Name?
Submitted by: Unknown (via Niknaks Blog) Tagged: dogs, kids, parenting, funny, tea party, g rated
She’s Teaching the Dog Manners!
Submitted by: Unknown (via Cuteoverload) Tagged: funny, dogs, puppies
Go, Dog! Go!
Squee! Spotter: Unknown Tagged: dogs, if i fits i sits, stroller, funny
If I Sorta Fits, I Sits
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: cinnamon roll, dogs, pug, chase, funny
You’ll Be Disappointed
LoL by: echeg5 Tagged: dogs, Cats, funny, true love
Love Comes in Many Forms
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