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Well, At Least Your Kid’s Honest.
While moms give all the patience and love we could ever ask for, they can only put up with so much. Some moms take action, and other moms just simply check out. Either way, they all hit their breaking points. This list is for all the moms that tolerated more than anyone else could. Thanks Mom! Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: gifs, moms, mothers day, funny, animals
14 Animal Moms That are Just Sick and Tired!
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Well, I’m Dry…Now What do I do About All This Sand?
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May the Barks be With You
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Your Fingers are Electrifying!
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Size Doesn’t Matter
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I’ll Still Eat it
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Better Safe Than Sorry
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You Squat, I Squat
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Alright…You Asked for It!
Bask in the hilarity of the most expressive hedgehog you’ve ever seen! Submitted by: (via hedgehogdays) Tagged: emoji, expressions, list, hedgehogs, funny
The Many Faces of a Hedgehog-Turned-Emoji
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Expert Sleeper
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The Average Selfie With Your Dog
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He Thought the Bow Tie Would Cheer it Up a Bit
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What? This is How His Other Girlfriends do it…
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I Forgot You Even Existed!
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But the Water is Only Six Inches Deep…
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It’s Worth the Time Out…
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Google Glass for Dogs
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Bad Feather Day
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I’m Dog Tired
This is How BMX Junkies Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day( 3Photos )
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No Better Deal Than Free!
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Chicks are Amazing…
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