My fur is silky smooth… Squee! Spotter: beernbiccies Tagged: chipmunks, cute, clean, gifs
I Love This New Conditioner!
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Born to Love You
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I Needz Moar Fuzz!
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How an Only Child Plays School
Beau at Lunchbox Dad makes these adorable bento lunches for his kids. Check out his site for more ideas and recipes. Submitted by: (via Lunchbox Dad) Tagged: kids, cute, lunchbox, lunch, parenting, bento, g rated
This Dad Makes Lunches That Are Almost Too Cute to Eat
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Daddy Helped With Our Art!
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Sage Advice
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Look What I Did!
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Drop and Give Me One!
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Her Energy is Fading
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Expert Sleeper
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You’re So Cute, I Could Just Eat You Up!
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It Was Only Self Defense
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Bath Time Transformation
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Pugly in the Very Best Way
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The Average Selfie With Your Dog
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He Thought the Bow Tie Would Cheer it Up a Bit
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What? This is How His Other Girlfriends do it…
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I’m a Lover, Not a Fighter
This Library is an Honest-to-God Reading Rainbow( 2Photos )
Batkid Threw Out the Ceremonial First Pitch at the San Francisco Giants Home Opener( 2Photos )
Find of the Day: 100 Year Old Message Discovered in a Bottle From the Baltic Sea( 2Photos )
The Need for Speed at 2500 Frames Per Second( 2Photos )
Music of the Day: Rob Scallon Jams Together 30 Awesome Songs in 1 Minute( 2Photos )
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