This just blew my mind.( 1Photos )
I hate seeing these on the road( 1Photos )
Inspirational Quotes: Quote of the day( 1Photos )
My dream included checking the clock and seeing that it was still early.( 1Photos )
E’erybody twerkin’ now( 1Photos )
Saw this Tesla Type S with the best vanity plate I’ve ever seen.( 1Photos )
Remember to always thank your guests for attending your party.( 1Photos )
In light of recent events…( 1Photos )
Where are the oven mitts?!( 1Photos )
Fast and furious 7 just started filming in my town.( 1Photos )
Leaving the job I’ve had for the last four years.( 1Photos )
Inspirational Quotes: Quote of the day( 1Photos )
Squee! Spotter: sixonefive72 Tagged: cute, foxes, fennec fox, ears, squee
This Fennec Fox Will Melt Your Heart
Squee! Spotter: sixonefive72 Tagged: Babies, cute, nuts, squirrels, squee
All I Need for Winter!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: cute, birds, deer, friends, squee
You’re Such a Deer for Letting Us Perch Here
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: cute, drink, elephants, funny, sneaky, pool
This Isn’t What it Looks Like…My Trunk is Just Hot
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: kids, moms, parenting, signs
Fair Warning
Submitted by: Unknown (via EatLiver) Tagged: kids, parenting, phones
But Mom, You Said it Wouldn’t Work if I Did That!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: derp, beatles, funny, walrus
Derpy Dog is a Beatles Fan!
LoL by: jennybookseller Tagged: dogs, cheeseburgers, christmas, funny
Now I Don’t Have to Eat Your Shoes
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: brave, cute, dogs, puppies, vet
You’re a Big, Brave Dog!
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: bottles, dogs, silly, protect
It Also Doubles as a Life Vest
Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, puppies, cute, stack
One Size Fits All
LoL by: jennybookseller Tagged: dogs, christmas, funny, treats
Oh, Who’m I Kiddin? I Prolly Will
Annika Vrklan is Way Cooler Than You Were as a Kid( 2Photos )
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